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copygo get github.com/Goscord/goscord

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What is Goscord?

Goscord is a Discord bot creation API written in the Go programming language. It offers a high level API rich in possibilities and which evolves at the same pace as Discord.


Use plain Go

Goscord is written entirely in Golang, no C dependencies, no more compilation issues!


Fast development time

Goscord is easy to use which allows you to develop Discord applications quickly and easily!


Speedy execution

Create ultra-fast Discord applications with Golang's speed and Goscord's optimization!


Active development

We are actively developing Goscord to add all the necessary content, we are reactive to updates of the Discord API.

Set up!

You must first have Go installed on your computer and know the basics of this programming language.

You can then install the Goscord package by copying this command line into your terminal:

copygo get github.com/Goscord/goscord

That's it, now you can copy the following example and start creating your Discord bot! You can also discover more possibilities on our documentation...


package main

import (


var client *gateway.Session

func main() {

    client := goscord.New(&gateway.Options{ 
        Token: "token", 
        Intents: gateway.IntentGuildMessages,

    client.On("ready", func() {
        fmt.Println("Logged in as " + client.Me().Tag())

    client.On("message", func(msg *discord.Message) {
        if msg.Content == "ping" {
            client.Channel.SendMessage(msg.ChannelId, "Pong ! 🏓")


    select {}


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